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Getting started

Well it may seem kinda confusing, to do what it says on the guide page's rules. So here's some help to help you guys out. What I'm going to show you, is how I would add my name and guide to the guide page.

The Instructions

  • My username starts with an S. So I would scroll down to the second level header that has S as its title.
  • Now that I've made it to the S header I'm going to click the edit button.
  • I'm going to put my name in as Slayingthehalcyon, but I'm going to put a bullet before my name.
    • It should look like this *Slayingthehalcyon
  • Then under my name, I'm going to put **[[File:Slayingsguide.avi]]
    • Make sure you put the appropriate .filetag, otherwise the link won't work!
    • I also put two bullets for the link to my guide, as it shows that it is part of my collection of guides.
  • Click the preview button in the editor, make sure it looks good, and then click publish!
This is what it should look like when you get done.


Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you get your guide posted on the wiki.
This is like this for ALL guide listings or ABC-XYZ listings, so have fun.
Slay-eyeball  Slaying  the  halcyon  23:55,2/17/2013

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